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With over a decade of legal experience and professional training, Daniel Alvarez and Mac Adams bring a unique set of skills and expertise to bear for your case. Their trial experience ranges from simple misdemeanor cases, like domestic assaults and driving under the influence, to defending those charged with capital murder. They have also been involved in several Trial Lawyer’s College workshops, and have been coached by some of the most well-recognized trial attorneys in the nation.

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Whether you have an immigration, personal injury, worker’s compensation, or criminal case, Daniel Alvarez and Mac Adams know that your case is your life. Daniel Alvarez and Mac Adams know that your case is personal. They will treat you with the respect, compassion, and dedication that you need to get through this difficult period in your life. They will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve, see your case through to the end. They will personally evaluate your case, and help you decide the best avenue of defense. Contact Daniel Alvarez and Mac Adams now for your free initial consultation.

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Video Evidence Key in Effective DUI Defense

In a DUI case, every piece of evidence is important to build a proper defense. Many times in DUI cases, the case comes down to the arresting officer’s word versus the accused. Videos have evened the playing field because they objectively show what happens in a particular case. Today, patrol cars are often equipped with […]

Acción Ejecutiva y que significa para mi

Lo que es considerado por algunos como una jugada muy provocativa y por otros un hecho inconstitucional por el Presidente Obama sobre el reciente anuncio de la acción ejecutiva expedida para retirar la amenaza de deportación a casi 5 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados y permitir a los padres de menores que sean ciudadanos de los […]

Obama Executive Order Immigration

In what is considered a bold move by some – and an unconstitutional one by others – President Barrack Obama’s recent announcement of the executive order to relieve almost 5 million undocumented immigrants of the threat of deportation and to allow parents whose children are U.S. Citizens (USC), or otherwise in the U.S., to legally […]

Caps Don’t Work – Plain and Simple

Ten Years Later: How House Bill 4 Has Harmed Texans

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